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Aspiring designer pushing pixels from sunny California.


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09/12/13 – v1.6
- added: option to insert logo
- improved: height of photos in sets based on smallest in row
- improved: prefix free CSS using -prefix-free
- fixed: bug with position of author block

04/11/13 – v1.5
- added: option to keep bio at top of page
- added: option to toggle post-notes by default
- improved: lightbox and background of thumbnails
- improved: all new documentation
- improved: several minor improvements in CSS
- fixed: inconsistency in mobile menu when search was disabled
- fixed: part of sidebar fell outside viewport in IE8
- fixed: Disqus was invisible when only one post was posted

19/08/13 – v1.4
- added: buttons and keyboard-controls in lightbox
- added: option for sticky menu
- added: option for avatar sizes
- improved: layout of answer posts
- improved: smart responsive author block
- improved: cleaner CSS
- improved: quicker photosets
- fixed: alignment issue with reblog button
- fixed: bug with Custom CSS field

18/07/13 – v1.3
- added: support for Google Fonts
- added: additional theme-options
- improved: documentation

06/07/13 – v1.2
- added: additional theme-options
- improved: photosets

26/06/13 – v1.1
- added: language support
- added: facebook share button
- added: keyboard controlled post and page navigation
- added: additional theme-options

15/06/13 – v1.0
- initial launch

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